Presenters & Workshops

2019 Workshops

2020 Workshop details will be updated soon!

  • OPENING CEREMONY: Re-Membering Our Bones | Yasmin Suarez Shaddox

    An ancient, wise, and wild one within has called you here. We welcome you who carries the vital bones of your soul, ancestors, core essences and identities that form the unique and beautiful being you are. Is this one of you also hearing the call to re-member, reclaim, and reincorporate some essential bones that might have been lost or discarded through time? We invite you to an opening ceremony through story and the way of council, so we may listen from the heart to soul, and to the living, dreaming earth bringing our full attention to what deeper intention has called you here, now.  

  • Create Your Soul Mandala in Nature | Susie Kincade

    Discover your “Parts” and how they work for and sometimes against your Soul’s desire. Learn to communicate with your many facets of Self and create your personal Soul Mandala in Nature. Bring your journal and camera to remember your mandala so you can continue to work with it when you leave.

  • Staying Oriented: Navigation Skills in the Wilderness | Sarah Koniewicz

    This workshop will cover instrument assisted and natural navigation. Practice your skills with a map, compass, and GPS unit while learning some of nature’s clues that can help keep you oriented. We will also discuss lost person behavior, what you should do if you find yourself lost, and what happens when a search and rescue is initiated for a missing person. Classroom and in-the-field practice portions.

  • Place Mapping | Krista Shultz & Andrea Sweet

    Get to know yourself and others through artistically re-visiting the place where you first bonded with the earth. This workshop explores our ecopsychological connection to that special place on earth that we each first recognized as home. We will create a map and share with each other as a means of getting to know each other in a deeper way.

  • Night Hike: Learn About Native Stories of the Moon and Night Life | Jaylyn Gough

    Join us while we explore the night life adventures.  During this time we will encourage you to turn off your headlamps to fully sensory feel the night and all of its joy. We will also share traditional stories of the night from various tribes.

  • Bonfire and Music with Mystical Creatures

    Join us around the bonfire for a mix of original tunes, campfire sing-a-longs, and multilingual chants, Mythical Creatures aims to give voice to the feminine and create a safe, dynamic space for others to raise their voices.

  • Friday Night Unwind Yoga | LaTerrell Bradford

    Start your weekend by winding down. Enjoy a relaxing/releasing yoga class at the end of the day. Come enjoy learning how we embody a practice that works for us.

  • Morning Trail Run | Sara Spolrich & Sydney Slouka

    Whether you’re a runner who’s interested in trying out the trails or you are an experienced trail runner, please join us for a morning jaunt that will be invigorating, fun and will offer tools and tips to help you run safely in nature. This trail will be marked so everyone can run at their own speed. We will do a warm up, and it may include some uphills and downhills or technical sections. Please be comfortable running a decent distance without stopping.

  • Dawn Chorus Bird Walk | Kelly Kimple

    Awake your senses with the world’s oldest alarm clock - the dawn chorus - and experience the beauty of bird song! Meet at 6:30 AM for a morning stroll through the aspens and pines. We’ll stop to listen and observe birds as they begin their day during this season of nesting and renewal. Come prepared with binoculars, if you have them, and a notebook. We’ll be back in time for breakfast!  

  • What Would Nature Do? Deep Listening and the Art of Scribing | Emma Ruffin

    What do we do when words fail? It's all about the three c's: curiosity, compassion and courage. In this interactive, explorative breakout session, we'll be honing the power of the present moment, leaning into listening skills and exploring the art of scribing—a collaborative, co-creative art form—through thoughtful observation of self and surrounding.

  • Uncovering Your Power Center | Alissa Hill

    A journaling and movement experience. Turning a concept into a felt experience is not something we can always talk our way through. In this workshop we will explore and learn the fundamental design of our pelvis', how it moves, how it's designed and why it is vital to our power center. We will MOVE and feel this design, use light imagery to help us feel more graceful and connected.We will use Franklin Method, somatics and some pilates fusion movements and ideologies. We will also write. After the experience of mindfulness with our bodies, we will write in our journals. This workshop will help you tune in to the wisdom that is already inside of you. Supporting your ability to hear and be guided from within.

  • Forest Bathing | Krista Schultz

    Experience a multi-sensory walk through the forest in order to deeply connect to the trees and to ground ourselves in the restorative effects of nature.

  • Backpacking 101 | Liz Esche of Deuter

    Break down the barriers! Interested in learning the tips and tricks of packing and fitting a pack and packing a pack? Make the focus of your next backpacking trip about the wilderness around you, NOT the strain or your hurting hips! Join us for an in-depth tutorial to keep you comfortable and efficient on the trail. We'll cover fitting, packing and will discuss the options around 'light' gear versus standard gear.

  • Self-Care and Connectivity to Creation The Purposeful Life Model | Nancy Rae Clark

    Self-Care is an important coping skill for high stress lifestyles. Learn how to identify and work through stressors. Learn how to live in a mindful and purposeful manner in accordance to the Lifestyle Medicine prevention model. Creation-based connectivity teaches how to unlearn, de-script, and unsubscribe to patriarchal systems. Regain understanding, compassion, and interconnected purpose through this Purposeful Life Model (TM) (C) workshop by Herbal Gardens Wellness.

  • Creating Sacred Spaces: Women’s Community and Rites of Passage | Lorene Wapotich

    The revitalization of rites of passages in our world requires earth based and heart connected communities. To initiate girls into womanhood we need a sacred container of initiated women. Many of us were not gifted these ceremonies as we went through our transitions. The opportunity to reclaim them and carry them forward for future generations is available to us in every moment. Come find out how to begin in your own community.

  • Getting Comfortable with Wild Foods | W. "Butter" Petty

    This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to the best of Colorado's spring foraging treats. Participants will learn key identification properties and potential lookalikes, process the foods, and finally prepare them in a few dishes to sample. Because of the nature of wild foods, featured wild foods won't be determined until shortly before Summit Sisters.

  • The Way of the Line — Cultivating a Moment of Pure Awareness | Patricia Flores White

    Through the use of mindful slacklining and balance boards, you will work on noticing what you bring to the moment and digging deeper to find grace or an adjustment of attitude in your intentional movement both externally and internally. Attitude, movement, and breath or technique, unite in a state of harmony.

  • Half-Day Hike in Rocky Mountain National Park | Marina Fleming

    Join Marina Fleming for a half-day hike into the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. Our group will decide on the hike's final destination but options include Calypso Cascades, Finch Lake, or Pear Lake. Throughout the journey, we'll share knowledge about wild flowers, interesting nature nuggets, and basic hiking skills like purifying water, foot care, and how to orient a map. Participants are welcome to prepare and share other wilderness, historical, or place-based knowledge with the group throughout the hike as well. Baseline fitness is encouraged. Participants will be able to demo Deuter packs for the hike.

  • Being Still in Nature: Plein Air Painting 101 | Latasha Dunston

    We will go over some basic watercolor painting concepts and explore painting different scenes around the area. As a group we will take some time being still and observing our surroundings, feelings, and presence in the space. Our goal is to create beautiful artwork while exploring this question: How does being still and shifting perspectives change your perception of the scene and your connection to it over time? Supplies for the workshop will be provided.

  • Finding Your Voice: Speaking Boldly Through Vulnerability

    Everyone has a story. It's your turn to share yours! This workshop will inspire you to be able to share, writing exercises about experiences that have shaped who we are, discussion about why our stories and vulnerability are so important in building community in the age of technology, and an opportunity for others to share stories that they may not have been able to share before in a supportive environment. Connect with others through the power of vulnerability, and prepare to laugh, cry, and get a little weird! 

  • Sun Salutation Yoga  | LaTerrell Bradford

    Enjoy connecting yoga to nature with an outdoor yoga class in the afternoon sun. The practice will include a mix of Vinyasa, Hatha and a bit of restorative. No two people are the same therefore our practice will not look or necessarily feel the same and because we own our practice, we embody the practice that works for us.

  • Navigating the Night Sky | Maya Wyllie

    Learn how to locate the North Celestial Pole and always have correct orientation when navigating outside at night.  Determine the amount of daylight/moonlight remaining at any given time and familiarize yourself with the seasonal constellations while learning how to use a sky map. Drop-in night viewing to also be held after dark.

  • Thai Massage for Mind-Body Freedom | Yuki Tsuji

    Learn the healing art of Thai Massage to relieve tension from your body and also gain the freedom in mind. Thai massage is also known as Lazy Man’s Yoga so you can expect to gently stretch and being stretched. We use our whole body to move slowly and rhythmically with breath to create a relaxing flow. No partner nor prior experience necessary to attend the workshop. Please bring your yoga mat (optional blanket and pillow).

  • Own Your Power | Natalie Gentry

    Most of us want to live a happy, juicy, empowered life; we work hard striving for it. But what does it mean? What does it look like and how does it feel? Owning your power is freeing but it is a process and a practice. Join me for a discussion on what true empowerment means and how to truly own your juicy, wonder-filled, authentic power.

  • Backpackers Pizza | Emily Isaacs

    Come learn how to make a backpacking pizza on a Whisper Lite Stove, one of Emily’s favorite backpacking treats. You will learn how to apply these skills to other fun treats, like scones, brownies, or cakes.

  • Whose Land Are We Exploring On | Jaylyn Gough

    During this two hour dialog we will be reviewing the history of ancestral lands of the RMNP. Come and join us as we review the history of these lands and it's surrounding areas as well as the beautiful people who once roamed freely and who called it theirs. We will also review the stories and culture of the tribes.  Through all of this, there will be an open dialoging to help process the information.

  • Comedy with Daisy + Storytelling Open Mic

    Enjoy the comedy of Daisy Montgomery and then an open mic with stories from our group about what people, places and events have shaped who we are in this moment.

  • Astronomy with Maya

    [ Weather dependent  ] Join Maya and her telescope to view the night sky and enjoy the view from the valley of the rocky mountains.

  • Dawn Hike to Watch the Sunrise Over Rocky Mountain National Park |  Women’s Wilderness Staff

    Begin the day with a scenic hike to watch the sun rise from the ridge line & be back in time for breakfast! All abilities welcome & encouraged. (< 2 miles RT)

  • Taking the Road to Lasting Change | Robin Kleisler

    Whether you are trying to increase exercise, change your diet, be more mindful, get off your phone, stop yelling at your kids, or cut down on substances, making any changes are hard! Our bodies have been programmed since the beginning of time to repeat learned behaviors, and though this has kept our species alive, these systems can also get easily confused on what is survival, and what is just pleasure/avoidance/habit,etc. This experiential group workshop will help you understand your own motivations and barriers around desired changes and will also give you the guidance, space and support to come up with your own personalized plan to take home with you.

  • Keep Calm and Bird On! | Kelly Kimple

    Birds are everywhere and their immense diversity and migratory nature offers us a wonderful opportunity to connect to the present moment. In this workshop, we’ll learn basic bird identification skills while practicing mindful birdwatching - taking the time to simply look, listen, and be curious about birds, while being aware of ourselves and our place in nature. As we hike through the various habitats, we will not only develop a bird list but also explore the idea of how birds connect us to place, seasons, and emotions. The hope is that at the end of this mountain birding meditation, you’ll be inspired by the unpredictability of birdwatching and the unexpected beauty and renewal we can find in our moments watching birds.

  • The New World We Want | Sarah Murray

    What is the future we envision for girls, women, and gender equity in society and how is the outdoors integral to that vision? We are all stakeholders in answering this question. We each have unique human experience which yields diverse and valuable perspectives to framing our vision for social impact. Join Sarah, the new Executive Director of Women's Wilderness, for a creative riff on the future we seek together. The interactive session will be dynamic and divergent, full of energy, insight, and challenge: a freestyle opportunity for you to influence the ultimate orientation of the work we do at Women’s Wilderness.

  • Sense Your Authentic Power Through Movement  | Natalie Gentry

    In order to sense the truth of who we are we MUST connect more fully with the messages and sensations of our bodies. And why not make it fun in the process? Join in Conscious Dance, a movement form that invites participants to dance to the beat of their own drummer. You don’t have dance experience? Not true! You were dancing your truth when you were 5 years old…you just began to judge your movement and relied on someone else to tell you what to do. Let’s start peeling all of those old beliefs back and discover new ways of moving that you can take into your every-day life!

  • Electrify Your Life | Pam Loebig

    Learn how to boost your energy, and keep it that way, so you have the engine to put behind your ideas, dreams, and unique purpose in life. We'll do a series of interactive (and energizing!) activities to explore various sources of energy, map our current state, and create a plan to electrify our lives.

  • Pilates Fusion | Alissa Hill

    Combining movements that inspire the smaller intrinsic muscles, dynamic stretching, cardio, and mindfulness moments, and some education about our human design. This class is helpful to bring more balance to all that you do. We will be incorporating Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Somatics and Franklin Method.

  • Connection and Understanding Through Journaling | Krista Shultz & Andrea Sweet

    Journaling with the intention of reflecting allows for true understanding and the ability to see the connections between theory and experiences. This workshop will shed light on journaling and listening to your inner voice. It will also explore several different ways to journal allowing you to choose the best method for you and your lifestyle.

  • CLOSING CEREMONY: Yasmin Suarez Shaddox

    Through the cycles of days and nights here at Summit Sisters, you have followed the rhythms of your inner and outer wilds and found new and ancient ways of connection. What bones of your true nature have you recovered? What knowing, skills, and practices have you recalled? What vital aspects of yourself have you re-membered? The time has come for the wise, wild, and whole human you are to return with your precious medicine. In our closing, we invite you into a truth-telling council as a ceremonial commitment to offer your gifts back to the world.  

2019 Presenters

2020 presenters are in the works! Check back soon!

  • Nancy-Rae-Clark

    Nancy Rae Clark, AA, AAS, BS

    Nancy Rae Clark is a published children’s author and recognized Pediatric Allied Health Professional by both the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Canadian Pediatric Society. Nancy Rae holds Associate’s degrees in Arts, Holistic Health, and is the first Bachelor’s of Science graduate with an extended major in Lifestyle Medicine in Colorado. Her Carlanas Apache Tribe (Ti’Nde)  and Navajo (Di’neh) bloodlines have stewarded her Homelands since 700 A.D. Her private practice provides individual support towards community actualization providing health services for plant-based diets, Genetic Designed Herbalism, and individual development with her design of “The Purposeful Life Model” (TM) (c). She is the Chief Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner for Herbal Gardens Wellness, which provides health research and education for First Nation’s communities.

    Web | Facebook | Twitter

  • Yuki-Tsuji

    Yuki Tsuji, E-RYT & LMT

    Yuki Tsuji has been a teacher and coach for last 15 years in yoga, Thai massage, AcroYoga, skyviging and bodyflight. She’s also a licensed massage therapist whose main practice is Thai Massage and owns her own massage business. Her passion is for promoting the benefits of Thai massage and yoga as part of a holistic approach to health and wellness. She provides in-depth personal care and attention, catered to the individual needs of her students/clients, with mindfulness and receptivity. Her other passions are rock climbing, skiing, running and being in the nature.

    Web | Facebook | Instagram

  • LizE

    Liz Esche

    Liz Esche currently runs content creation at Deuter USA and ORTOVOX USA. She is trail runner, hiker, and avid dehydrated-food consumer. Liz grew up in Chicagoland, and began her outdoor adventures by kayaking the Great Lakes. After years of being a sea kayak guide, she was able to move to Colorado where she could combine her love of backpacking, kayaking, and story-telling all while working for Deuter.

    Web | Facebook | Instagram

  • Lorene-Wapotich

    Lorene Wapotich

    Lorene Wapotich is the Founder and Director of Feet on the Earth Programs, a non-profit organization in Boulder, CO creating regenerative culture and community by mentoring children into healthy young adults through deep nature connection and community-based rites of passage. Lorene is a dynamic teacher, passionate speaker, and national lecturer and workshop leader on girls coming of age ceremonies and rites of passage. Lorene's first book, a memoir, has just been released, and she is currently working on her next book: Her Feet on the Earth, Her Place in the Circle: Creating Nature-Based Rites of Passage for Girls and Women, which guides parents and community members in how to create powerful coming of age ceremonies for girls and adulthood initiations for women.

    Web | Facebook | Instagram


    Marina Fleming

    Marina Fleming has been working in outdoor education for six years and is the Associate Director at Women’s Wilderness, overseeing all aspects of successful course and program implementation for girls, women, and the LGBTQ+ community. She built her outdoor education foundation primarily at NOLS, living in Lander, Wyoming for over five years. Previous to outdoor education, Marina was introduced to the world of nonprofits through serving a couple of years in AmeriCorps VISTA. In her free-time, Marina has relentlessly pursued the backcountry and travel through sport, mainly through endurance running, biking, and swimming. Some peak experiences have been traveling to her 50th-visited state to compete in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, running the Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon, and recently fast-packing through Patagonia with her partner. To balance bigger life experiences, Marina volunteers at Boulder Food Rescue, Longmont Community Justice Partnership, and is constantly thinking about ways to bridge career, passion projects, and volunteerism to address rampant inequality within marginalized communities.

  • Robin_Kleisler2

    Robin Kleisler, LPC, LAC, MAC

    Robin Kleisler received a scholarship to attend a backpacking program in high school and has been hooked on wilderness experiences ever since! After several years of guiding backpacking and climbing trips, she obtained a Masters Degree in Wilderness Therapy and spent the next 14 years bringing wilderness/adventure therapy to school-based, inpatient and outpatient treatment settings. Robin is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Addiction Counselor, and currently has a private practice in Longmont, where she lives with her husband and two children.

    Web | Facebook

  • Butter with Monarda

    W. "Butter" Petty

    Butter is a wandering weed lover, wild foods cooking instructor, and worshipper of tasty treats. For her, foraging is the sweet spot where spending time outside in the Rockies intersects with good eats. She is the author of the popular wild foods blog, Hunger and Thirst, contributor to multiple magazines, and consults with local chefs on how to incorporate wild foods in their menus. Her real passion is taking people from being aspiring foragers to becoming cooks comfortable with using wild foods in their in their everyday meals.

    Web | Facebook

  • _Yasmin-Suarez-Shaddox

    Yasmin Suarez Shaddox

    Yasmin is founder of Soulskin Journeys, whose work nurtures a culture of connection and radical rootedness through earth-based retreats, circles, and rites of passage. Her initiatory guidance invites womxn into a remembrance of their true identity, birthright, and belonging. As a devotee to mystery and an apprentice to the wild, she fosters trust in the unknown and sacred reciprocity with all life. You can find Yasmin in the foothills of Lyons, Co. wholeheartedly nourishing and being nourished by her family, community, ancestry, mythology, ceremony, wildness, earth, spirit, and soul.

    Web | Facebook | Instagram

  • Kelly-Kimple

    Kelly Kimple

    Kelly’s love for outdoor adventure developed early growing up in New Hampshire where she took her first backpacking, biking, and skiing trips and participate in her first Christmas Bird Count. She ventured west for college and spent years as a field biologist exploring the mountains and canyons of the Western US studying rare plants, endangered squirrels, various birds, and even bumblebees. During college, she developed a keen interest in birds both for their immense diversity and their ability to connect you to place and time. After graduate school, her career led her to Fort Collins, Colorado where she's found her professional passion in the adventure travel industry. She’s thrilled to call Colorado home and when she’s not planning adventure trips for groups of amazing women, she’s busy having adventures of her own!

  • Latasha-Dunston

    Latasha Dunston

    Latasha is a young freelance illustrator originally from Baltimore City but now based in Denver, CO. She loves being outside whether it be gardening, hiking, camping, or snowboarding. Her artwork is heavily inspired by her adventures and she attempts to capture the fleeting joyous moments she experiences. With her work, she hopes to inspire others to explore more and to try new things!


  • Emily-Isaacs

    Emily Isaacs MA, M.Ed

    Emily is a therapist in Boulder, the former Executive Director of Women's Wilderness, and a mom of two outdoorsy girls, ages 1 and 3.  Pre-mom-life she spent 15 years working outdoors for NOLS, Outward Bound, and wilderness therapy programs.


  • LaTerrell-Bradford

    LaTerrell Bradford

    LaTerrell has been practicing yoga for over a decade and teaching for the past four years. She has the 400 hour YTT  and has completed Y12SR Leadership Training, Heart of Yoga YTT, Bhavana Kids Root.Reach.Rise YTT, and she is in the process of developing Healing yoga pilgrimages to Ghana. Her passion for teaching yoga comes from her very own expericine with back pain and busyness. Yoga has been a tool to help her quiet her mind and heal her body.  As a result of experiencing her own healing - this is the experience that she offers to others. Her slogan is Yoga for Every-Body, and all are Welcome! As a yoga instructor LaTerrell says “I often hear people say I’m not flexible or yoga is not for me”. Her response is Yoga is for Every-Body, meaning every age, every size, every socio-economic group every-body!

    Instagram | Facebook

  • Natalie Gentry

    Natalie Gentry

    Natalie Gentry, owner of Natalie Gentry, LLC, is a whole health practitioner specializing in massage (Maya abdominal massage), Transformational Breath® coaching, Conscious Dance facilitation, and Whole health coaching. Natalie’s focus and passion are to help women to connect more fully with their bodies in order to heal, grow, and live with more passion and honesty. Natalie lives and works in Denver and has been in practice since 1998.

  • Maya Wylie

    Maya Wyllie

    Maya is fortunate to be an Astronomy and Earth Systems science teacher at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins. She loves sharing her enthusiasm and passion for the world around her with young adults preparing to enter society as productive members.  Maya says: “Every time I look up at the night sky I am grounded by the enormity of all that exists outside of our little blue planet. Having the opportunity to engage students within this field is a humbling experience that I am blessed to do daily!”

  • SarahMurray

    Sarah Murray

    Sarah has spent her career ensuring gender equity in sports and play. Most recently, she has been the Executive Director of Women Win Foundation, a U.S.-based nonprofit working primarily in the Global South to equip adolescent girls and young women to achieve their rights through sport. Previously, she spent a decade with the Women’s Sports Foundation, working on issues of health, access and equity from a U.S. perspective. Sarah is a Master trainer with the THNK School of Innovation and provides cross-sector consultancy to influential organizations globally to employ systems thinking, human-centered design, gender analysis and play-based methodologies to address the most pressing social issues of our time. She spends her free time riding, sliding and running on trails and enjoying the outdoors with her wife, Signe and their baby girl, Tallulah.

  • Jaylyn Gough

    Jaylyn Gough

    Jaylyn Gough is the founder and Executive Director of an organization, Native Womens Wilderness as well as a freelance photographer.  The organization provides opportunities to get Native women, girls, and non-binaries outside, as well as providing the resources to do so.  They also work in the Outdoor Industry to elevate the voices of Native people, ancestral land acknowledgements and history, navigating cultural appropriation, and collectively working with brands to acknowledge Native lands and culture. They also work in Washington DC within a cohort of other organizations to work on the Antiquities Act, as well as with Congress, Representatives, and the Senate to elevate the voices and needs of Native People.

    Web | Facebook | Instagram

  • Pam Loebig

    Pam Loebig

    Pam Loebig is on a mission to help individuals reach their full potential. After 6 years of guiding executives and Fortune 100 companies through personal and professional development programs, she decided to take her gifts out of the board room and into nature. She pairs her expertise in designing and facilitating adult-learning programs with her adventurous and grounded spirit from mountain activities and studying yoga. Her workshops are a transformative experience that push you to be a better version of yourself and leave you feeling empowered with new knowledge and tools.


  • PatriciaFloresWhite

    Patricia Flores White

    Patricia Flores White is a bilingual, Latina with a profound connection to the natural world through adventure sports. As a climber in Colorado & Ecuador for 25 years, Patricia went on to form her own Surf & Yoga school on the coast of Ecuador, specializing in ‘Wave Guided Empowerment’. What you see presented here, is just one of her many classes. Patricia is currently the Development Director of Trees, Water & People in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

  • SusieKincade

    Susie Kincade

    Discover the healing power of nature! Susie founded Women’s Empowerment Workshop to empower girls and women with courage, confidence and self-awareness through unique, nature-adventure coaching, retreats, and workshops. Susie discovered “no limits” when she competed on UCLA’s men’s diving/swimming team in 1972-74. She’s a best-selling author and TEDxVailWomen speaker. Find your deep limitless freedom because you ARE worthy.

    Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

  • Alissa Rae Hill

    Alissa Rae Hill

    Alissa has been teaching movement since 1999. Dance, Pilates, Franklin Method, and yoga therapy. She has a love for finding and exploring new perspectives and scientific research to blend into her classes. Alissa is known for mixing it up and adding what she calls fusion to most of her classes. She meets you where you are, health-wise, fitness wise and holds you to your goals. She loves painting, being outside, writing and running down mountains.

    Web | Instagram | Facebook

  • KristaS.

    Krista Shultz

    Krista is currently a student in the Masters of Outdoor Adventure and Expedition Leadership program at Southern Oregon University. She is passionate about increasing access to the natural world for all people, with a special emphasis on women, children, and people with invisible disabilities. She is a former special education teacher, an army veteran, holds a Masters certificate in Ecopsychology from Lewis and Clark College. She especially loves trail running, hiking, flat water kayaking, and forest bathing.

  • Andrea-S2

    Andrea Sweet

    Andrea is an avid outdoor adventurer with a passion for long distance hiking. Her first through hike was on Vermont's Long Trail in 2015 with one of her mentors, Jean Taggart. Since then she has enjoyed the opportunity to solo hike at home and abroad. These adventures have lead her to Southern Oregon University where she is currently a student in the Master’s of Outdoor Adventure and Expedition Leadership program. Her research focus is on how women experience solo outdoor adventures and creating a platform for those stories to be heard. Prior to returning to school Andrea was a sports performance coach working with athletes to train their mind and body from a holistic approach.

  • Emma Ruffin

    Emma Ruffin

    Emma is a wearer of many hats: graphic facilitator, community capacity builder, and systems thinker. As a graphic facilitator or “scribe” with Desert Raven Design she practices deep listening, presence and co-creation, transforming meetings and conferences through her art. As a community organizer and Director of Boulder.Earth, she gets to collaborate across sectors, leaning into the wisdom of a community to shift the climate crisis into opportunity. A lover of systems thinking, Emma employs permaculture design principles (certified twice-over) and Theory U into her everyday work, art and play. In the past she served as a fellow with MIT’s Climate CoLab Program, and currently serves as curator for the Global Shapers Boulder Hub, an initiative out of the World Economic Forum driven by 20-somethings creating positive change in their communities.

    Web | Boulder Earth | Instagram

  • Daisy-Montgomery

    Daisy Montgomery

    Daisy Montgomery is a comedian and storyteller based in Fort Collins, CO. Her dry and anecdotal comedic style engages audiences as she delves into topics like being a misfit, parenthood, anxiety, and the absurdities of daily life. She has performed at various events, including SoloCom in NYC, Gilda's Laughfest, and Birth Without Fear. Daisy enjoys hosting workshops to build community by encouraging women to find their voices to tell their own stories in a supportive environment, with a particular emphasis on birth trauma and maternal mental health. When Daisy isn't busy overthinking every decision she's ever made, she's getting into mischief with her husband, son, and furbaby.

    Facebook | Instagram

  • Sarah-K

    Sarah Koniewicz

    Sarah thrives on variety and has tons of fun learning outdoor technical skills. By day she works as a lawyer with a background in physics, sometimes sneaking away from the office to teach and guide climbing and canyoneering. Sarah is also a member of Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, the mountain search and rescue team that serves the adventurous in Boulder County, CO. A fun fact is that Sarah talks with horses, but unfortunately she has no idea what she is actually saying.

  • SydSlouka

    Syd Slouka

    Syd is a Lead Rock Tech for Women's Wilderness climbing courses. She is a certified Single Pitch Instructor with the AMGA and also an instructor for Earth Treks climbing centers. When not instructing, Syd is a geotechnical engineer with Golder Associates working with mine waste projects around the world,. She has a BS in Civil Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and a master's in Geotechnical Engineering also from the Colorado School of Mines. Syd's passions include building strong individuals through education, creating healthy environmental practices through safe mine waste designs, playing the ukulele, and running on trails in her free time. 

  • SaraSpolrich

    Sara Spolrich

    Sara has been moving through the wilderness for over ten years. Her love of ultra-distance running spawned after hiking and running up and down the east coast by way of the Appalachian Trail. She feels most inspired by moving fast and light in the mountains, but you'll catch her signed up for a few races here and there. Sara is a field instructor for Women's Wilderness, a coach for Life's 2 Short Fitness, and a teacher of toddlers. Most days you'll find Sara outside. With so many trail systems and endless mountain ranges to chose from its hard to take a day off!

  • Steph-Kirsten

    Mythical Creatures

    Stephanie Heart Powers and Kirsten Bolton have been writing, recording and performing music for a combined 35 years and have recently joined forces in their latest project Mythical Creatures, blending soulful harmonies with conscious lyrics to bring a contagiously uplifting acoustic sound. Combining a mix of original tunes, campfire sing-a-longs, and multi-lingual chants, Mythical Creatures aims to give voice to the feminine and create a safe, dynamic space for others to raise their voices.

  • KestreltheKitchenFairy

    Kestrel Mills

    Kestrel started baking desserts (or making messes) at age 7. She has cooked for retreats, conferences, gatherings, festivals and communities around the country. Kestrel jumped into large group cooking as a resident volunteer of Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts, then at a social justice summer camp for teens in Vermont for three summers, and was Head Food Fairy for the Women’s Gathering and Intentional Communities Conferences at Twin Oaks Community in Virginia. Kestrel has several food allergies and is passionate about healthy, delicious food no matter one’s dietary needs. She holds a Permaculture Design certificate and is creating a food forest in her yard. Kestrel loves food and looks forward to feeding you at Summit Sisters 2019!